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AdB International
AudioMidi - Computer Music Software and Hardware
Applause Music Careers
AudioWorld Online
Arksoft LTD
BayView Pro Audio - Tumwater, WA
bobby prince music
Bob Velkov Audio Page
Broadcast Software International
Cakewalk - Cakewalk Pro Audio
Cara Media
Composing Recording Mastering Audio & Video
Computers & Music - San Francisco
DAFX98 - First Workshop on Digital Audio Effects
DASSIC Productions
DAW Central - Find out which Multitrack Product is right for you.
Digital Sound Page
Digibid - The online auction of new and used pro gear!
Digital Domain - Informative CD Mastering Web Site
ECS - Developer and publisher of MIDI and music instructional software.
Electronic Music Box - Los Angeles
Factory - Officina Di Comunicazione
FMJ Software Productions
FM STEREO Software
Gordon LaSalle
Harmony Music List
Harris Creative Group
Helsinki University of Technology Audio Page
Hohner Midia - Musicans soft & hardware
Howlingdog - MIDI software and MOD philes
ICMA - Internation Computer Music Association
IK Multimedia - The revolutionary soundware that transforms your PC in a powerful Groovestation
Innovative Quality Software - SAW, SAW Plus, etc.
InVision - Palo Alto, CA
Jingle Biz - The Complete Jingle Course
Leo's Pro Audio - Oakland, San Fransicso
Leigh's Computers Inc. - Computer Recording Software/Hardware
Martin's Midi World
Masayo Omuka/Technical
Maximum MIDI: Music Applications in C++
MIDI Classics - Connecticut
MusiciansNet - FutureNet
Musician's Tech - An Information Clearinghouse for Music Electronics, MIDI/Audio, Indie and Recording
The PAN Network - Online Music Network
Mission Recording and Audio - Georgia
Mix Magazine
Morello Publishing Ltd - Quack
Multitrack Home Page
Music Companion - Midi Arranger
Music For A New Age
Musicware - Software to help people of all ages and abilities develop music skills
Music Yellow Pages
Musitek - Publishes and distributes innovative music software
NOTAM - Norwegian network for Technology, Acoustics and Music
Perceptive Solutions Ltd
Perpetual Music Inc.
Pro Sound and Music - San Diego
ProAudio Net
Pro Rec - Synth Sounds, CDs, CD-ROMs, Sample Disks and more
Red/Lane Productions
RePlay Technologies
RME Intelligent Audio Solutions - 24 bit PCI bus digital in/out cards and digital audio monitor
Sion Software
Sonorus - 16-channel digital audio interface for Windows 95 & Mac based PCI computers.
Sound Lab - Italian Distributor
Spectral Inc. - Prisma
SPIB - Signal Processing Information Base
STG Distribution - Swiss distributor
Style Police
Syntrillium - Cool Edit
Taxi - The Independent A&R Vehicle that connects unsigned artists with record labels.
TablEedit - Tablature Editor
Technotoys - Makers of Techno Toys Software for Electronic Music
Terratec Pro Media
Timothy John Weber
Twenty Sixth Avenue
The Voodoo of CD Mastering
Washington Music - Washington D.C.
Wave Events - WAV Files and Software
Zefiro Acoustics - The DAT to PC solution
Zik's Homepage - RandoMedia



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